Who I Am & My Values

Here is a quick summary of who I am, the values I hold, and ultimately the character that I am trying to live out.

First, I aspire to live a Purpose Driven Life. This involves daily self-introspection, iterative goal planning, progress-oriented – how can I be 1% better than yesterday?

Second, I am committed to being a Life-Long LearnerI believe, the day you stop learning is the day you die. I am very much alive ;). 

Most importantly and also the most costly… I strive to exercise Courageous Integrity: To uphold moral and ethical values and actions, meaning, forgoing short-term gains in expectation of long-term prosperity for all parties involved.

As for interpersonal relationships, although its counter-intuitive and difficult, I commit to a Servant Leadership Mentality where I live to serve and bring value to the relationships in my life. 

Tactically, I live out the Inter / Independence Framework, that is, I strive to be a strong individual for the team, simultaneously, also be humble and be stronger as a team.

Naturally, what follows is that I hold a Growth Mindset, seeing challenges as opportunities for personal & professional growth. 

As for Work Philosophy, I believe and act on these priorities: Work smart and then hard. Rest and sharpen the saw. Play and unwind. Do it again. 

Lastly, I try to have a strong Bias Towards Action, meaning I choose to not to lose my cool, get caught in excuses. 

Instead, I choose to exercise willpower to work towards positive actions versus dwelling on stagnant excuses.

All of these values I hold ideally work together to achieve this ultimate value I strive to continually champion:

Invest In Others: Choose to genuinely care and love other people, help them succeed. 爱人如己.

To close, these are the values I strive to live day in and out. These values are hard and burdensome to uphold. It’s not easy and more often than not, I’ve failed to live them out. 

However, they act as a compass for excellence, not perfection. 

Ultimately, I choose to champion these values because they yield sustainable, lasting positive outcomes for myself and for those whose’s life journey collided with mine.